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Rhotoplás Ind. e Com. de Embalagens Ltda.

Since 1990 in operation and evolution, Rhotoplás has been differentiating in the market for their produce polyethylene packaging printed in rotogravure. This feat is only possible because of the expertise acquired over decades of investment and improvement of its personnel and equipment.

Every day is met Rhotoplás to strengthening the brand, synonymous with ethics, transparency and quality reference, mainly in the Pet food, Hygiene, Cleaning and Drink.

With the production capacity of 750 tons per month, in an area of 12000m², the Rhotoplás's vision is to be an innovative leader in the Brazilian market where it operates and with a growing trend in the global market.

Código de Conduta
Production processes
Rhotoplás - Av. 26 de Março 641- Jardim São Pedro - CEP 06401-050, Barueri - São Paulo - BRASIL - E-mail: comercial@rhotoplas.com.br, Tel: +55 11 4199-2555 - Fax: 4198-2351